Together Apart

“TOGETHER APART” is a project to promote creative connectivity during this time of isolation. 

Right now, the effects of COVID-19 have us feeling more isolated than ever. The goal with this project is to showcase how we are all connected even while apart, create a collaborative environment through social distancing and support the creative community in an interactive way. No one should be made to feel isolated, so a big part with this project was to open submissions for free to artists of any medium and skill level. These small pieces were collected digitally during quarantine which enabled people from anywhere in the world to participate and come together in one place. All of the work will be printed and hung at our studio in Buffalo, NY and when we are able to have events again, we will celebrate the coming back together with a physical gallery show!


If you are interested in purchasing a 5"x5" print from this series, please email for pre-order. Proceeds will benefit the artists, Nomel Arts Studio and the "Together Apart" zine.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a piece and shared your thoughts with us during this time! And to everyone else, thank you for checking out the collective work. We hope you enjoy, become inspired by the work created by individuals across the world, and us this as an opportunity connect!