Studio Rental.

Nomel Arts is simply designed to provide accessible printing equipment, art tools and workspace to artists who want a hands on approach from start to finish on their projects (or just to save some money, because -- who doesn't love that?).

The goal is to provide these tools to people of all skills from DIY-ers to professional artists in a comfortable and accepting environment. 

Hourly                   $20​   

Daily                     $80

Open Studio Hours

*Studio rental gives you access to all of the tools, supplies and equipment available. Extra charges will apply per print, Cricut usage, material use and scans

*Please note that  hourly rates will round up to the closest hour. Contact us if you have your own material you would like to bring in, or if there is something specific you would like ordered!

Simply make an appointment and pay for the time you use (Hourly)

Typically open until 8pm during the week, call ahead to schedule! (Daily)

The tools and equipment available can help you create variety of projects from custom cut art and photo prints, zines, stickers, business cards, gold foil prints + more

Inkjet Printer

  • Fine Art and Photography, Business Cards, Stickers

Laser Printer

  • Documents, zines, gold foil, screen printing transparencies

Cricut Maker

  • Die-cutting for vinyl, stickers, fabric and other projects

Adobe Suite

  • Use of Adobe Cloud is available by the hour

High Resolution Scanner 

  • Photo negatives, art, books and documents (or whatever you want to scan)

42" Monorail Cutter

  • Trim your work in-house


  • Laminate + gold foil


  • Vinyl transfers, use to flatten warped artwork

General Tools

  • Levels, rubber mallets, stapler, scissors, glue + more


  •  Free Wifi

  • Clean studio space

  • A co-working environment

  • Comfortable lounge space with books and comics

  • Locked storage for "Normals"

  • Mini fridge

  •  Heat and A/C


  •  No contracts

  • No portfolio application

  • Affordable creative space

  • Consignment options

  • Access to studio equipment

  • No wait list

  •  You decide when you want to pay