About the Project

“TOGETHER APART” was launched on March 20, 2020. What started as a local project has grown to reach artists globally witch a collection of work from 80+ visual artists of varying mediums! Along with the gallery is a the work of 100+ local musicians put together by Into Fruition that you can listen to on Spotify - "Together Apart"

THE GOAL is to showcase how we are all connected even while apart, encourage people to make art and have something to look forward to during uncertain times and facilitate a space for artists of any level to have a voice. By collecting work digitally, we were able to curate a show that is not limited by distance (or social distance). The idea for each piece to be in the same, square format and printed at 5"x5", was to unify the work in a way that promotes all of the individual pieces as a whole. Right now it can feel difficult to find motivation or feel genuinely connected, so the hopes with this project is to help bridge parts of that gap and encourage people to be part of a collaborative effort.



Part 1: Online Gallery (May 22nd) //  Part 2: Physical Show TBD


COST: Free, donations accepted at ------------  venmo: @nomelarts ----------- to support the studio

PRINTS: All prints are available for sale! For pre-order, email nomelartsbuffalo@gmail.com. Proceeds will benefit the artists, Nomel Arts and the "Together Apart" zine. Nomel Arts will be printing all submitted work at 5” x 5” to hang at our studio space at 445 Rhode Island St. for a gallery event TBD! Prints will all be framed by Five Points Framing, who is creating frames for each piece using scrap molding. We are SO EXCITED to celebrate with a gallery opening on the other side of this! 

ZINE: As a way to further document this project, we will be putting together a zine with all of the submissions and information about "Together Apart" which will be for sale in the near future!

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