Thank you to everyone who submitted their work, shared their thoughts and supported this project!

Online gallery launch of the collective work coming soon. Please check Facebook for event updates!

ANY MEDIUM WILL BE ACCEPTED (Photography, Painting, Digital Design, Poetry, Video Stills, Collage, Sculpture, Mix Media, Stained Glass, Fabrication, Knitting, Embroidery... Be Creative!) --- PLEASE NOTE --- Only work created after 3/1/20 will be accepted as the idea is to promote creativity and connectedness during this time.


SIZE: 5” x 5” (or Square, but please note all pieces will be printed at 5” x 5”)


LISTEN: Into Fruition has created a playlist of local musicians on Spotify for you to listen to and be inspired by while you work.


SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: Into Fruition - Together Apart <---click to launch!

"Since it began, one of our goals has been to create an organic space for artists to come together and connect through collaboration. What better way than to curate a playlist that supports the music community and throws some groovy inspirations your way while you make your visual creations? These are friends, neighbors, peers, and mentors and we believe in their paths through sound. We believe in yours too. Through all this crazy, we hope you stay healthy, be inspired, and continue to grow. You got this. We can cheers to that!" - Adam Joel Suzanne (Into Fruition)

PROMT: Anything you want to express during this time! You can speak to whats going on in the world, the government, human rights, humanity in general, being connected, OR anything that interests you. Your piece can be about nothing if you choose, the idea is just to create! Please note, anything offensive will NOT be accepted

OPTIONAL: Along with your piece, it is encouraged to write a small statement about your work or how you are feeling. That sentiment will be printed and with your completed image.

A NOMEL ARTS Collaboration with Five Points Framing and Into Fruition